Sunday, May 15, 2005

Back to blogging

Wow, my blog is truly moribund. I'll try to give it a good precordial thump to restart the old heart tonight.

I've found myself quite busy with outside pursuits lately, especially the planning for my senior class show, as well as the writing of two speeches. I delivered one of these just last night at my school's alumni reunion banquet; all in all I think it went well, though as usual I spoke far too fast (apparently what feels excruciatingly slow to my brain is, in reality, rather rapid) and tended to fidget incessantly while talking. At least my girlfriend managed to tape the proceedings, so I have some evidence of my speaking flaws as a starting point from which to improve.

Let's other news, I finished reading a book called The Twenty-Seventh City, which is the first novel written by Jonathan Franzen (the author whose name became famous more for the Oprah Book Club brouhaha than for his writing, although he writes quite well). I picked it up mainly because it is based in my new hometown; the picture of the Arch on the cover was enough to convince me to shell out the money. All in all it was only an average read, more compelling for Franzen's prose than for any profound thematic concerns or illuminating characterization. I did, however, learn a few more tidbits about my little city in the Midwest, and as a result I can now amaze my friends with random pieces of trivia.

I just started reading Catch-22 -- one of those all-time great novels that over the course of my formal education I managed to neglect or avoid.

I also finally saw another episode of Gray's Anatomy, so I suppose my next post should serve to resume my prior habit of reviewing this ABC program.


At 11:13 AM, Blogger kingfelix said...

enjoy Catch-22, i'm sure you will. it spends 500 pages or so doing what Slaughterhouse V does in about 150... you'll also note that the popular cultural reference to "being in a Catch-22 situation" is misconstrued from the original text

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