Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I love VH1

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Say what you want about VH1's surfeit of "I love the (insert favorite decade here)" and "Best Week Ever" shows -- I'll still keep coming back for more. It's perfect television for those with a limited attention span: brief, catchy segments, peppered with comedy, that highlight the most newsworthy events of...whenever. These shows bundle humor and nostalgia into one potent combination pill. Most importantly, these VH1 masterpieces encourage me to plant my arse on the couch and budge only to feed and eliminate. What could be better?

In other news, it turns out that the majority of the searches that yield my blog these days relate to Grey's Anatomy. So, I hereby appoint myself to the position of Grey's Anatomy Misinformation Filter; be sure to check back every week for the latest update on all that is false and misleading on the new ABC drama.

I have not, alas, seen the show House. Maybe I'll check it out sometime soon -- provided it doesn't conflict with "I Love the 90's Part Deux."


At 7:13 PM, Blogger phoenix said...

House has become quite the favorite subject lately with radio jocks and on news talk shows. Tuesday nights on FOX after IDOL. 9pm est. LOL Please make an effort to watch this next Tues. I really do want to hear your take on it.

If you do, I will give you a guest spot on He Said, She Said *wink*

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