Friday, October 06, 2006

Vacation week

I'm presently at the tail end of one of my three allotted vacation weeks for this year. Consequently work is the furthest thing from my mind; instead I'm focused on partaking of the landmark cinematic events of this year (i.e. the opening of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) and frittering away my time with writing.

So far I have submitted several of my stories to literary journals, and so far I have received 17 flat out rejections and -- encouragingly -- one rewrite request. That's all I have to sustain my optimism at this point: that one rewrite request from the Bellevue Literary Review, and the knowledge that one of my rejected stories made it to the final round of consideration for The MacGuffin. So that's progress, right? I also finished a rough draft of my novel-thingy, so if anyone out there wants to publish a story about a dude who believes in zombies and can't come to terms with the past, pleast let me know.

Okay, gotta go shower so I can make the noon screening of TCM: The Beginning!


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